I was once a happy girl posting on Instagram my travel pursuits. I didnt quite look at strategies for growth, marketing, advertising etc. I thought if the content is good followers will follow.

After 5 years of posting content, I realised the followers were all my friends from school and college. A handful of people followed me for my content. I am never going to be as big as that 1 million follower account.

I started a cooking page on instagram and decided to follow some strategies for growth. I liked other people’s pictures, followed more cooking pages and commented…

Hello there! Welcome to the second article in the series of “Secrets for organic Instagram growth in 2020.” You can find the first on my blog Exploring Life

If you’re looking to improve your photography skills for your brand then this article is for you! Lets divestraight in!

1. Camera Quality Matters

It is a fact that DSLR pictures have a better quality. If you have a great powerful mobile camera then great but do not take blurred pictures from a mobile with 2 MP camera. No matter what the content, if the quality is bad your picture wont stand out.

First one clicked by phone. The second by DSLR

2. Have your suite of photo editing tools

Don’t process the…

Cooking has been my style of making friends. Hey, who doesn’t like to have a good meal! Throughout my journey, I have met different kinds of people and their attitude towards cooking bespeaks a good deal about them.

I have met those who love sharing their recipes, those who only vouch for their traditional food, those who aren’t good at cooking but are curious to watch you cook, those who help you by staying by your side to cut vegetables, those who want to teach you something new like how to brew differently, those who always want to try some…

The Lockdown has been never ending. We are all tired waiting for the vaccine. Also to hear sad news like the vaccine not being available until 2021 end. The tourism industry has taken a hit and there have been lots of Job losses. My heart goes out to those who are affected by this!

With travel no longer safe and threatening to health I have taken to hobbies at home! I tried painting for a while , some home decor. Finally settled for cooking. I started an Instagram page

The Veg Spice Kitchen

Here are 5 reasons why I started…

I am an unmarried Indian girl. Naturally my parents have been on the site on behalf of me trying to find a guy.

We registered a profile on the websites writing the crude basic facts like Height,Skin colour, Salary, Caste, Star sign etc. You are no longer yourself with your emotions and feelings you are M253433 from here on.

When I was going through the profiles I found that most of them were created by parents for their sons, so you never get a chance to know who to boy actually is. …

‘Quit your job and follow your passion’ is something we have all heard

This idea has been exploited by many people who live as life-style consultants, life coaches, guides, who earn loads of money out of this.

The self help industry is a 11 billion dollar industry [1]. ‘When you’re suffering and looking for help, they manipulates your weaknesses by selling false hope’ Says Inc

You draw well!so you think that’s your passion and your desk job is what is holding you back from pursuing this full time!

Well think again! …

Woody allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris’ has an utterly charming prose and a story line. I watched the movie ten years back and thought it was pretty romantic. Watching it again now, after becoming more of a realist and rationalist, I think ‘Quite not’.

Gil, the protagonist is engaged to be married to a beautiful, rich girl and is unhappy with his menial job at California. He falls in love with Paris in first sight- suggests he will leave everything at Beverly hills at the drop of a hat. His fiance rightly says ‘You are in love with a fantasy’. He…

Can you replace a human with a robot?

You may tell, human connections are special, humans are unique,but what if there is a possibility that sometime in the future, people can have their robot girlfriends or robot dads who could be more loving than their human counterparts.

Suppose, There is an AI cat and a normal cat

The AI cat looks like a normal cat. It has sensors which lets it see things, hear things and feel things. If it programmed to jump when someone suddenly touches it or presses the skin too hard. It is programmed to look for…

How are you doing ? a question asked by everyone to everyone else.

How many times have you heard an answer other than “Good” or “Fine”.

One of my acquaintances, who was my colleague, took his own life. It was cold blooded suicide. After that incident we heard everyone telling everyone else to open up to each other.

That person showed no signs of distraught, was happy and cheerful and one day suddenly took his own life. What happened in between was what we dont talk about.

Some people claim they are single and complete; that they dont need anyone…

In the April of 2018 I arrived in India. It felt like landing back to reality. I loved being back to India, after short stints in Europe and UK. Its my country after all. It took me a year to settle in. But something was missing, something I couldn’t put a finger on. After a bit of soul searching I found my answer.

It was that rose tinted beauty filter on everyday life. Life seems glum after you get back from Europe and it’s not just a coincidence. Europe is as close as it can get to fairytale land.

Lalitha Priyadharshini

Lalitha is a Travel fanatic and a caffeinated writer who hails from Madurai. In her free time she dabbles with Quora and manages her blog ‘Exploring Life’

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