Secret formulas to make your Instagram photos stand out from the crowd!

Hello there! Welcome to the second article in the series of “Secrets for organic Instagram growth in 2020.” You can find the first on my blog Exploring Life

If you’re looking to improve your photography skills for your brand then this article is for you! Lets divestraight in!

1. Camera Quality Matters

It is a fact that DSLR pictures have a better quality. If you have a great powerful mobile camera then great but do not take blurred pictures from a mobile with 2 MP camera. No matter what the content, if the quality is bad your picture wont stand out.

2. Have your suite of photo editing tools

Dont process the photos in your phone’s inbuilt processor. Use good photo editing tools! I use Snapseed, Lightroom, Lens distort.

LightRoom Presets

Lightroom by Adobe has amazing presets that will transform your photo. Look at the two photos. Before and after processing.


I personally love snapseed. It has good features like healing, adding text watermarks, expand feature and filters. The original photo is on the left. Using the smart expand feature the photo has been expanded to create more leaves on the edges.

Lens Distortions LD

I so love this app! It creates nice sunlight effects.

These give good finishing touches to the photo.

3. Create a Theme for your page

Are you a travel page? Makeup page? Adventure activities page? Decide on your niche. No one wants to follow you for a specific content only to see something else.

Its crappy if you are a makeup artist and suddenly post diving into the ocean photos for a week.Its good to show yourself once in a while if your content doesnt involve you but dont just become a personal account page.

4. Use the same filter

Your account has to look like its from the same person. Don’t use different filters on photos. It dilutes your brand.

5. Schedule your photos and preview them

If you are a creator or business account you can schedule the posts in advance. Use the Preview app to see how they look when posted.

Happy Instagramming!

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